Feel Better & Be Well, The Benefits of a Massage!

Here’s our Top Five Benefits for Massage Therapy:

1. Improve Blood Circulation – Deep stroking improves blood circulation
by mechanically assisting venous blood flow back to the heart.

2. Decrease Blood Pressure – Blood pressure is decreased by dilation of
blood vessels. Both diastolic and systolic readings decline and last
approximately 40 minutes after the massage session.

3. Reduces Stress
– Stress is reduced by activation of the
parasympathetic nervous system. Massage increases dopamine and serotonin
levels which are hormones linked to decreased stress levels and reduced

4. Decreases pain
– Massage relieves local and referred pain caused by
hypersensitive trigger points. Massage also stimulates the release of
endorphins, enkephalins, and other pain-reducing neurochemicals.

5. Increases academic performance
– Massage studies have shown a
decrease in math computation time and an increase in math accuracy.

There are many other benefits of Massage Therapy.
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